Tiramisu by Nadir M.

Tiramisu by Nadir M.


savoiardi, lange vingers (Vincenzi or Bistefani) 300 gr
egg yolks 6
mascarpone cheese (Galbani) 500 gr
sugar (maybe a little bit more...I don't weight it) 100 gr
whipped cream 500 ml
  1. Mix the egg yolk and part of the sugar and make it become creamy (should become light yellow).
  2. Prepare the whipped cream with sugar. Mix egg cream and whipped cream and add the mascarpone until it’s all creamy (no mascarpone balls in it).
  3. Make coffee and add coffee liqueur (Galliano or caffè stock. If you can find it Amaretto di Saronno is also good.)
  4. then do layers: cream / biscuits with coffee / cream. I put a layer of cocoa powder on top of the cream in each layer even if the recipe tells to put it only on the top layer

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